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From BLM - Part 1

Field Notes of the Survey of the Exterior Lines of the Townships 17, 18, 19, & 20 North of Range 1 West Willamette Meridian in the Territory of Washington by Geo. W. Hyde & Josiah W. Preston, Deputy Surveyors under the Contract No.        bearing date the 8th day of April 1853

Exterior Lines

 T 17,18,19 & 20 N of R No. 1 West.
17 & 18 North of R No. 2 West.

 Hyde and Preston


 Field notes of the Survey of the Exterior lines of Townships 17, 18, 19 & 20, North of Range 1 West of the Willamette Meridian in the Territory of Washington, by Geo W Hyde & Josiah W Preston Deputy Surveyors under their Contract No. 33 bearing date the 8th day of April 1853

 Commenced May 5th 1853

From BLM - Part 2

We Sylvester Cannon J. W. Davenport & James M. Martin, having been appointed axeman in the services of J. W. Hyde & Josiah W Preston, Deputy Surveyors in Oregon do Solemnly swear that in all Surveys of Public Lands or private land claims in which we shall be employed that we will level the XXX chain in measuring over uneven ground and well and truly plumb the tally pins, whether sticking or XXXX the same, and that we will report the true distance to all notable objects and the true length of all lines that we may assist in measuring and will mark correctly and distinctly the letters and numbers of all corners that we may be required to mark, and that we will faithfully act, as required by said deputy from time to time in planting the corner boundaries whether the same be posts or mounds either of earth or stones together with such other services we shall called to perform by said deputy in the discharge of his surveying duties to the best of our skill and abilities, so help us God

J. M. Martin Chain,

E. L. Merrill Axe,

J.W. Davenport Compassman,

G. M. Holms,

C. C. Lytle,

Robert Cummins,

W. R. Cannon Axeman,

Sylvester Cannon (X his mark) Chainman,

B. R. Kanley. 

Subscribed and sworn before me this 23rd day of April 1853 at my office in Oregon City
A.H. Seymour, Clerk U.S. District Court for Clackamas City, O.T.


From BLM - Part 3

Field Notes

Of the Survey of the subdivision lines of Township number seventeen, North Range number two West of the Willamette Meridian in the Territory of Washington, by Geo. W. Hyde and J.W. Preston deputy surveyors, under their contract No.     bearing date the 8th day of April 1853.

Commenced August 15th, 1853

Finished August 30th, 1853


 From BLM - Part 4

 Township No. 17 N. Range No.2 W. Willamette Mer.

 A List of the names of the individuals employed to assist in running, measuring and marking the lines and corners  described in the foregoing field notes of Township seventeen North of the base line of range number two West of Willamette meridian, showing the respective capacities in which they acted

C. C. Lytle, chainman

R. Cummins, chainman

Thomas Prather, chainman

 We hereby certify that we assisted Josiah W. Preston deputy surveyor in surveying the subdivisional lines of the Township number seventeen North of the base line of Range number two West of the Willamette Meridian and the said Township, has been in all respects to the best of our knowledge and belief well and faithfully surveyed, and the boundary monuments planted according to the instructions furnished by the surveyor general.

            Robert Cummins, Chainman

            W. R. Carmon, Chainman

            Thomas Prather, Axman

 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st day of October 1853.

A. W. Moore, Clerk of the District Court of Thurston County

From BLM - Part 5

Township No. 17 North Range No. 2 W Willamette Meridian

Western Boundary
On West Boundary of Sec. 31

Var 20 minutes 00 seconds E

Leave Swamp Prairie & Commence Ascending

To Top of rise and Commence Descending
Foot of Descent
A fir 20 in diam

A cedar 40 in diam

Set  Qtr Section post from which

A fir 10 in dia S 77 degrees E 17 links

A fir 15 in dia S 64 degrees W 17 links

Set post corner of Sec 25, 30, 31 & 36 from which

An Alder 14 in dia bears S 74 degrees  E 39 links

An Alder 12 in dia bears S 68 degrees W 12 links

A hemlock 8 in dia bears N 40 degrees W 24 links

An Alder 12 in dia bears N 18 degrees E 32 links

land nearly level Soil good 2nd rate timber fir

cedar & hemlock under green fern vine maple

hazel & XX

On West boundary of Sec. 30

Var 20 minutes 00 seconds E
A stream 15 links wide course West
A Cedar 30 in diam

Set Qtr Section post  from which

A hemlock 6 in dia bears N 25 degrees W 22 links

A hemlock 5 in dia bears S 26 degrees E 26 links

A Cedar 18 in diam

A Stream 50 links wide course West
Set post Corner of Secs 19, 24, 25, & 30 from which

A Maple 14 in dia bears S 77 degrees E 20 links

A hemlock 10 in dia bears N 54 degrees E 64 links

A hemlock 24 in dia bears N 16 degrees W 59 links

An Alder 12 in dia bears S 30 degrees W 80 links

Land flat & wet soil 1st rate timber fir hemlock & cedar dense undergrowth

on West boundary of Sec. 19

  Var 20 minutes 45 seconds E

A fir 36 in diam

Enter Marsh

XXXX branch runs S 30 degrees W

Leave Marsh

One link = 0.66 Feet
One chain = 66 Feet