Letter from Jayne Redman Bade

March 21, 2013

Dear Mark,

I'm so glad someone saved one of the Northern Spy apple trees.  The field between the house and the barn had many Spy trees...  maybe 15 or 20.  They were old, but had very good apples.  We use to pick them up and send them to the Olympia Cannery.  Down the driveway to the house was one sweet apple tree (large yellow apples).   2 that had very small apples.  They were hard and hung on the trees all winter and the birds came and ate them.  The old parts of a building out back we were told was what was left of a station where the stage coach came thru and stopped.  Also out back were some more apple trees.  Another sweet apple, a Red Astrachan and a Yellow Waxen tree.  Must be that Mr. Ferguson liked apples.  The barn was right where the curve in the road was only west of the road.  When my Dad bought the place Mr. and Mrs. Bishop built a house across the road so I think that at one time the property went over there too.  I really enjoyed reading all the facts.  You have spent many hours looking it all up and making a story out of it.

I hope this helps some.

Thanks you for all the time and energy you have used to write this.


P.S.  Behind the barn was a Gravenstein tree.  Didn't look as old as the other trees, but had the best apples I think I ever ate.